What is the Creator Program?

The Creator Program’s mission is to empower creators from all backgrounds. To develop their skills by facilitating education, resources, network and opportunities for creators to build their own creative journey.

BETA | At the moment, the Beta website only displays open content and highlights. Later on, the program will come with gated features and access according to the Creator Role that you have.


What are Creator Roles?

A Creator Role gives you access to the Program and perks that will constantly evolve. The Creator Program will have different roles depending on achievements, experience and innovation.

BETA | At the moment, we only have one role, the Creator Role. We welcome all sorts of creators: 3D, 2D, physical, printing, and from all industries: fashion, music, art, design, illustration, film, writing, gaming, etc.

Once you get accepted after applying, you’ll get access to:

  • Dedicated Discord Channels

  • Creator Challenges

  • Creator content displayed on our website

  • Clone Tools updates early access

  • Discord Commissions Board

  • Resources + Branding Kits

  • Creator calls

  • More to come


Creator Ecosystem

We have a wide variety of creators in a mission to find their spot and style in the creative movement that we are living, and we are here to help them reach it. They are:

  • 3D creator superstars

  • Artists looking to learn a new software
    or skill

  • Artists building their brand and business

  • Collectors commissioning creators

  • Clone fashion models and fashion

  • Musicians and producers

  • Video games and character creators

  • Clone Vtubers, stramers and
    content creators

  • Fanart and 2D creators

  • Many more


Who to Contact?

RTFKT Creators on Twitter and Instagram


The Creator Team is in charge of overseeing and developing the creator ecosystem, you can find them on Twitter: Franco (Creator Team Lead), Beb (Projects & Education), Cas (Community Manager), Ferei (Lead Explorer - Social Media & Content), Marsowy (Magic Renders), Regis (Lead Explorer - Clone Tools), kryz (Explorer - Moderator), itsWayne (Explorer - Moderator), itsjustcanvan (Explorer - Moderator).


What are 3D Files?

RTFKT released the Clone X 3D files to all owners and unlocked commercial rights for all non-Murakami DNA / Drip Clones, so people can create and connect with collectors around the world.

Clone X 3D Files release video

Useful Links:
Clone X 3D files at > My Inventory > 3D Files
How to download your Clone X 3D files
How to pose and render your Clone with Blender
How to create your AR Snap Filter
How to create your Spark AR Filter

The release of the Alpha Clone X 3D Files opens a new world of possibilities for 3D artists. Maya users will be able to explore the full potential of the files. Blender users will need to through some of our tips and tricks since Blender's capabilities are a bit more limited, but we are adapting the files through updates for beginners to still be able to create amazing projects.

Available in: .max .blend .c4d .gltf .fbx files for Unity and Unreal Engine.


What is Clone Tools?

Clone Tools is a all-in-one Blender plugin for your Clone X. With one click you'll be able to assemble and pose your Clone. It includes animation packs, lighting and camera environments, files exporting settings and much more.

This is a useful plugin for both 3D beginners and veterans.

Clone Tools is currently on Version 2.0. By recollecting feedback from our community, we constantly work on future updates for the plugin.

Clone Tools also comes with different packs to download and attach to the plugin for a better experience. Check all Clone Tools downloads here.

Team: Beb (Coordinator), Regis (Rigging & Posing), 0xGoat (Software Development)


3D Files Licenses


The full CloneX 3D model end-user license agreement covers the terms for downloading, copying, installing, accessing, or using the materials provided. Read:


First step is to register your Clone X 3D Model for a commercial license here:




For any questions regarding legal or commercial usage of the 3D files, contact Clone Law:

Clone Law on Twitter or