RTFKT x Nike Dunk Genesis


Widely recognized for its gaming roots, world merging visuals and gaming aesthetic, RTFKT has reimagined a Nike icon, the Dunk for gamers and creators.

RTFKT x Nike Dunk Genesis is equipped with removable mods and interchangeable vial attachments. Designed with creators, gaming and internet culture.

Unleashing Mods

We're releasing the RTFKT x Nike Dunk Genesis 3D files of three removable mods for the community and creators:


Tristan Goodes

“The Dunk Genesis and subsequent 3D files represent many hours of hard work. From the moment Chris Le put pen to paper, we knew it would be something special. Customization and creativity is the cornerstone of what makes us human.”

3D Files Use Cases

We are excited to provide the RTFKT community licensed 3D files for digital and 3D printing creative activities related to Mods for the RTFKT x Nike Dunk Genesis.

See the Creator Program License agreement for full details.

Mods for Personal Use - RTFKT Mods

A folder with all three Mods (Heel, Tongue and Eyelets) provided in original format with RTFKT branding and without RTFKT branding, in the design of the physical mods provided with the physical RTFKT x Nike Dunk shoes. Vial files are also being provided for personal use.

You cannot commercialize these RTFKT designed mods  (e.g., creating different colors or making “derivatives” of them for distribution/sale.). Intended for personal 3D printing and display purposes, you can modify/augment/change the RTFKT designed mods for your personal enjoyment. Have fun!

Mods for Commercial Use - Attachment Mod “Components” for Creators to build from, creating their own designs

A folder with the underside attachment clips and knobs of each of the Heel, Tongue and Eyelets mods. These isolated “parts” files of the RTFKT mods can be utilized to ensure your own custom created Mods can attach properly with the shoe. No RTFKT/ Nike branding can be applied to your custom created Mods.

How to Download the Files

1 - Fill this form to accept the Creator Program License Terms.
2 - You'll receive an email within a working day from us with a link to download the files.

Please make sure to double check that the email you're receiving is from noreply @ internal.nike.com





Heel Mod : 3 File Sizes
US 5-8.5    /     US 9-12.5    /     US 13-16

Tongue Mod : 2 File Sizes
US 5-10.5    /     US 11-16

Eyelets Mod : 12 File Sizes
US 5-5.5   /   US 6-6.5   /   US 7-7.5   /   US 8-8.5   /   US 9-9.5   /   US 10-10.5   /   US 11-11.5   /   US 12-12.5   /   US 13   /   US 14   /   US 15   /   US16

If your physical sneaker size is a US 7, you'll download Heel Mod US 5-8.5, Tongue Mod US 5-10.5 and Eyelet Mod US 7-7.5


Behind the Scenes

Check the Dunk Files Website for upcoming BTS content, news and updates for all things RTFKT x Nike Dunk Genesis.


Technical Support
If you encounter issues with your 3D Files after downloading them, you can use our Discord Ticketing System. Holders are able to reach out to the RTFKT Team by creating a 3D Support Ticket in the #3d-support channel. After creating the ticket, a new channel will be created and you will be tagged. The ticket is completely private and only team members can see it.

For any other questions you can reach out to us directly at creators@rtfkt.com, or RTFKT Creators X and Instagram accounts.

Useful Links
Dunk Website
Dunks Files Website
RTFKT Discord