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What is the Creator Program?

The Creator Program’s mission is to empower creators from all backgrounds. To develop their skills by facilitating education, resources, network and opportunities, enabling them to carve out their own unique creative paths.

BETA | At the moment, the Beta only displays open content and highlights. Later on, the program will come with gated features and access according to the Creator Role that you have.

Here’s a video featuring RTFKT Creators' content:


What are Creator Roles?

A Creator Role gives you access to Programs and perks that will constantly evolve. The Creator Program will have different roles depending on achievements, experience and skill.

BETA | At the moment, we only have one role, the Creator Role. We welcome all sorts of creators: 3D, 2D, physical, printing, and from all industries: fashion, music, art, design, illustration, film, writing, gaming, etc.

Once you get accepted after applying, you’ll get access to:

Creator Discord Channels

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Creator Challenges + Prizes

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Clone Tools feature testing

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Branding Kits + Resources

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Creator Calls with RTFKT Team

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Creator Content Spotlight

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Weekly Creator Spaces

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Creator Ecosystem

In 2022, we released the Clone X 3D Files Alpha (the capabilities of the files evolve over time with updates). It opened a new world of possibilities for 3D artists. We hope this triggers new bonds and relationships between creators, artists, and collectors, and initiates 3D careers all around the world.

Our community encompasses a diverse group of creators who are actively seeking to find their place and unique artistic style within the current creative movement, and we are committed to assisting them in their journey towards achieving it. We have:

  • 3D creator superstars

  • Artists looking to learn a new software
    or skill

  • Artists building their brands and business

  • Collectors commissioning creators

  • Clone fashion models and fashion

  • Musicians and producers

  • Video game and character designers

  • Clone Vtubers, streamers and
    content creators

  • Fanart and 2D creators

  • Many more

Clone Force

Guardians of the Blockchain | Ecosystem

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Rapper | Junior Jr.

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Ohayo Kawaki

AI Collaborative Digital Artist | AI Wizards

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Fashion | Crea Wearables

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What are Creator Challenges?

Creator challenges serve as a powerful bridge between learning, inspiration, and discovery. Each challenge presents a fresh chance to uncover your unique style and gain recognition, potentially leading to a new audience, career opportunities, prizes, access, and network.

BETA | So far we have released challenges depending on drops, and emerging technology. As the Creator Program evolves, challenges will take on a whole new role, inspiring even greater achievements.

Pod Challenge

Create a skin, art piece or furniture for the Loot Pod.

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AR Hoodie Challenge

Create an AR Filter using the AR Hoodie track map.

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Become an
RTFKT Creator

RTFKT has one of the most talented, collaborative and innovative communities in the world.