Cam X | Creator in Residence

New RTFKT Creators Perk : Creator in Residence

The Creator in Residence is a new way for community members to be involved with RTFKT & RTFKT Creators. This opportunity is only open to Verified Creators, so make sure to apply if you haven't yet.

The selected creator will get access to 3D files and technology, direct communication with the official RTFKT 3D team for learning experiences, and resources to explore projects and ideas.

We chose Cam X as the first Creator in Residence because of his continued commitment to help build tools for creators while also helping onboard and connect talent from around the world. We look forward to implementing his ideas and skills into the RTFKT Creators ecosystem while also helping him grow as a creator.


Cam X

An RTFKT Creator and creative developer passionate about digital identity driven by real time 3D technology. Currently experimenting with augmented reality for content creation, game engine virtual production, and vtubing solutions.


(Experimental Virtual Identity Technology Architects)

Cam created EVITA, a brand and creator driven research facility specializing in experimental digital identity tools. A Clone X AR app distributed to 150+ Clones for high quality face filters. EVITA also allows creators to do content creation to highlight community wearables.


Clone 1021

Besides Cam's contributions on AR and immersive experiences for the community, he is also responsible for some of the most iconic pieces of content by an RTFKT Creator.

Cam & Creators

Cam also has a track record of collaborating with other creators to make dope content, helping them to reach more visibility and exploring new ways of showcasing their projects. Bellow is an example of Cam's clone using Cultivate helmets on stream:

Cam's Thoughts

Every step of the way, this journey has been the most rewarding experience of a lifetime. For me personally, RTFKT’s vision and execution to merge the physical and digital worlds is a unique mission, it truly couldn’t be more exciting. I promise to continue to use what I know to help enable and create more creators, because that will always be the most valuable creation.

To the creators, the second I stepped into this community, I was supercharged and inspired by your insane talent. I’m thankful to have had you as peers but more importantly as friends. I’ll do everything I can to show just how valuable the creators in this community are.

I’m beyond thankful to have this opportunity to continue to build the tools and creations that I’m lucky to share with this community.

Thank you!

1021 is ready to go.