New Features: V2.0

Some of the new features for Clone Tools 2.0 includes the style library, equipping wearables, new animation / poses packs and more.

Useful Link & Tutorials

Creating a Style Library

The Style Library will be used for future sessions. As you import new Clone Files they will be added to your Style Library. You can share the .blend file generated with the Style Library to quickly share multiple wearables.

Equipping Wearables with the Style Library

Wearables will populate within your Style Library. Right click on them to show the equip menu.

Automatically Organizes Traits & Wearables

With a huge collection of traits and wearables, organization is necessary. Now all RTFKT traits are automatically organized. Imported traits will prompt you to choose a category.

Animation & Poses Packs

We've created extension packs for you to be able to automatically animate and pose your clone (+1500 poses). You can download them from the Clone Tools landing page.

  • Superhero Animation Pack
  • Fantasy Animation Pack
  • Dance Animation Pack
  • Chibi's Pose Pack

RTFKT Creators from all across the community have been using Clone Tools for their clones, here you have some examples: