AI Clone Journey



Born & raised in Canada. Currently focused on Generative Art. Some hobbies include drawing anime, playing Soulsborne games and fighting games like Street Fighter. Passionate in art, finance, and entrepreneurship. Long term goals: leverage graphic experience for clothing line, trading card game, posters and general art.

First Steps

When I first joined RTFKT's Discord, I was encouraged to check out RTFKT Creators on Twitter. I remember seeing a monthly roundup one time that really inspired me to want to create something dope for the community. I simply applied and created art almost daily to get the Creator Role.

By being part of the community, I wanted to contribute in some way, but I wasn't sure how. That's when I noticed some talented creators in Discord. Stoni was creating daily renders of Clones, and Alone Architect was making cool music. I wanted to join in and create more content, so I started exploring AI art, as mentioned to Artifact3.

Exploring AI

I am a tech nerd and always like keeping up with new stuff. Naturally, that led me to blockchain and AI. I picked up Midjourney to create custom anime edits of my own clone. People got really interested in the edits and how fast I was producing them, so I started making anime edits of other clones for fun which got a really good response.

I knew I had to continue doing this with all the support I got from the community. I've been lucky that I've already had the opportunity to collab with many clones so far. Would love to do more with: Yuka, Jarlan, VegaGenesis (JrJr), Aalasady, Mr jiang, Ila Orbis, Clone Force, Rupsy Banks. There's a lot more on the list.

It started off as movie posters, then magazines, and finally trading cards.

Clone Cards : Creative Process

Image Generation : Midjourney

First step is to identify key characteristics of the featured person.  Hair color, hair length, and gender are usually the most important.  The more characteristics we can incorporate in the character, the more of a connection there is to the AI generated image. Example : Short light colored hair, red exposed muscle skin, facial mask.

There is a balance between having enough characteristics to make a recognizable connection, and not having too much that the AI generation becomes inconsistent. Example : Creator Clone Robot/Mech Arms – confuses the AI into turning the character itself into a robot or a mech. This is the main reason I left the robotic arms out.

The more consistent you can create the character, the more images you’ll have to pick from.  This is key to getting the best of the best in artistic quality.  AI generations require time and credits.  If you want to be efficient and effective with your resources, you want to be as consistent as possible.

Card Creation : Photoshop

Community Cards

From paid commissions to passion projects, Gacha is covering it all.

Final Form

Closing Thoughts

My ultimate dream would be to have a helping hand in an awesome manga or anime. Would love to be a full time artist and leave the world a more beautiful place before I leave. I will continue to build my skills around AI and all its capabilities. I would encourage everyone to chase their loves and passions. That is not to say you should never monetize your work; but from personal experience, some of my best and favorite work has been from the direction of making art for the sake of art.

If you have the capacity, continue to create. It will all come full circle eventually.